Monday, January 12, 2009

Tactical squads

Here are my first 2 tactical squads. The old Mk VI marines are part of the 3rd tactical squad. The whole squad will be old metal Mk VI marines.


Here is my scout squad. They will be lead by Telion (or my version of him anyways hehe)

HQ Units

Here are pics of my HQ units. I have also based the Chap in Termie armor since the pics were taken.

Command Squad

Here is my command squad. I have actually finished the base of the Apothocary and plasma gunner since I took the pics. I can also swap out the plasma gunner for the Vet with claws if I want a shooty Cmd Sqd


Here is my current heavy armor. Both dreads and the predator are fully magnetized.

Thunderhawk WIP

Work in progress of the Thunderhawk. I will be adding armor plating in the form of plasticard. I will finish the entire body before I add the extras and the plasticard though. The pic is a little distorted, I will try and get some better pics.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More EC in battle

Here are the command squad and part of Tactical squad Vigilus getting ready to take on Jim's dreadnaught

EC in battle

Here is the dread and Terminator squad Lucius in battle

Chapter Master Tarvitz

Here is Chapter Master Tarvitz. I am very pleased with how he turned out.

First of my army

This is the first pic I took of the new army. I will add more as I get them, I will also show the works in progress. I have added a Vindicator, and am in the process of repainting the Predator from Dark Angels to the purple tide.
This is the beginning of my Hawk Lords/Emperor's Children Warhammer 40k blog. The reason for the slash, well, there are me and 3 others in my gaming group. 3 of us play Imperial armies, and the last plays chaos. One of the Imperial guys also plays orks. When he plays orks, my marines are Hawk Lords. When he plays his marines, they are Emperor's Children. Anyways, I have just a few pics to put up here.